The Town contracts with Waukesha County to collect taxes.  All payments should be submitted to either Waukesha State Bank or the Waukesha County Treasurer with checks being made out to the Town of Delafield.  First installments are always due by January 31 with second installments due July 31.  Second installments must be sent to the Waukesha County Treasurer. 

Please remember to fill out your dog license application and drop off or mail to the Delafield Town Hall.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my tax dollars go?

  • Taxes are broken into many different catagories, and all take up different amounts of your tax bill.  These include your local school districts, Waukesha County, local governments (Town of Delafield), Technical Colleges and sewer districts.  Click here to view a power point of general information on the Town's taxes included charts showing how your tax dollars are distrubuted.
  • To see the Town of Delafield's 2021 Budget, click here.

Where can I get a copy of my tax bill?

  • Residents can look up their tax bill and taxing history by visiting the Waukesha Tax Listing website.

For more information on your tax bill or general information on the budget please contact Town Hall.